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Top 10 Airsoft Guns 2020 is a project by MechSpace that started in March 2020. It is the definitive ranking of the best airsoft guns for 2020 and the ultimate goal of this system is to create a new set of criteria for the evaluation of airsoft guns. The people behind Top 10 Airsoft Guns 2020 are MechSpace, the people behind Top Gun, as well as several different persons involved in the Airsoft industry.

MechSpace has already done research on the criteria used to judge airsoft guns. This has shown that there were a few flaws in the way they did it. There were also problems with them assessing the important factors of a gun. MechSpace’s top ten guns were an effort to find a set of criteria to evaluate airsoft guns. The main goal was to get a new set of criteria for evaluation. With a set of criteria that were broken down into smaller things, they could incorporate into the rankings. The formula is pretty simple but there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The main thing that the top ten have in common is that they all come from MechSpace. All of the top ten guns have been deemed by the MechSpace survey team to be the best in the world at their specific weapon category. So the primary criteria that MechSpace used were to determine which gun was the best in the specific field. With the variety of different guns available, there were many factors that were looked at for the MechSpace survey team. These included things like style, performance, reliability, and price. However, the one factor that stood out as the most important was the weight of the gun.

The only reason that some guns are lighter than others is due to the caliber of the gun. If a gun has a caliber that it is not designed for, it will weigh more than a gun that is designed for a specific caliber. This is the primary factor that MechSpace looked at for the weight of the gun. When looking at the weight of the gun, the MechSpace team looked at the same statistics that the other surveys look at when they are doing their own research. The guns were measured and then measured again. The weight of each gun was then determined and how much that particular gun weighed was compared to the ones that were selected for the list.


The MechSpace team found that guns with lots of attachments were heavier than those without any attachments. This is something that we can all see happening right in front of us. By using the numbers, this information was used to determine what types of guns were considered to be “heavy” by the survey team. While MechSpace doesn’t list which guns they used, some of the guns that were chosen have been looked at by Airsoft Underground. They were picked because of their weight. The most popular gun in the survey was a Kriss Scorpion EVO.

The list of top guns did not include only weapons with attachments. There were other categories such as guns that were specifically designed for the CQB gameplay. The Most wanted CQB gun was the G&G Gen 2-AA. There were other interesting facts that were found about the criteria used to measure which of the top guns should be listed on the top guns list. The guns were judged on their overall appearance, on the design of the gun, and on the type of gameplay that it was designed for. In fact, there were a number of factors that were used to help determine which guns were going to be on the list.

Overall, the criteria used to measure the airsoft guns were similar to the criteria used for other top lists, but the inclusion of some special factors may mean that the criteria were slightly different. MechSpace has already begun updating their criteria as they collect more data and as they formulate a new set of criteria. How can find the best airsoft gun.

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