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To aid you in your investment decision, did you conduct a thorough survey to identify the top real estate agents in Egypt? By speaking with previous buyers and sellers, interview each agent personally to gain their first-person reviews.

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After examining each of the real estate agents’ track record, properties, pricing, sales, business practices, and marketing strategies, assessed the service they provide to their customers. Look for a broker who offers free advice on buying and selling properties in Egypt and that will be there to answer any questions your client has about Egypt. Asking for referrals from previous clients of your chosen realtor will also make you feel more comfortable with their work and personal approach. You want a broker who is easy to reach and understands your needs and concerns.

Next, evaluate the services and amenities offered by the agents. Ask them how much information they provide regarding the different properties they are representing, what types of inspection procedures are in place, how they process mortgage loans and payments, and what services they can provide for your specific needs. Ask to see current photos of the property being represented. A broker who does not provide this type of service is probably not worth hiring.

In order to narrow your search to the best agents for your residential areas, ask your chosen agent to narrow down your search based on the type of property you want. If you are looking for a single family home or an apartment, ask for references from people who are buying and selling residential real estate in that particular area. A broker who is not open to representing only residential and commercial real estate in the area that interests you may not be the right agent for you.

If you are looking for investment property, ask your chosen broker how they market their commercial properties. Are they primarily by word of mouth or by advertising in local papers? Do they advertise through the local chamber of commerce? Are they an active participant in community events such as neighborhood meetings and other civic events? Is your chosen broker involved in the local chamber of commerce or any other community groups? Do they have local contacts to give you an idea of their knowledge of the community?

Finally, ask yourself if you can trust your chosen agent with your financial investments. You want your realtor to be willing to work with you on your behalf to get the best return for the time and money you invest with their services, so make sure that they are able to do this as a matter of course.

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