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We started and release one of the most important sections of our exciting blog, and it is none other than “Reviews and Analysis” of products, whether cachimbas, smokers, or any other accessory related to the shisha sector.

And we start strong, with one of the best-selling and famous chimps of the Odumanbrand, for many of the reasons that we will exhibit. We start with an analysis or review of the Oduman N2 Travel Mini (or travel).

We analyzed the famous Oduman N2 Mini Travel (Travel)

At this point, you probably know since the difference between the N2 cachimba and the N2 Travel of Oduman,is that the latter is smaller,managing to lighten its weight and size, ideal to take it on a trip and transport it anywhere, especially when you plan to use it away from home.And to make it even easier to transport, Oduman’s N2 Travel features a padded case,with different inner pockets where you can store its accessories, and which you can carry hanging on your shoulder.

What benefits Oduman’s N2 Travel brings us

The main benefit of small-sized cachimbas such as Oduman’s N2 is that it allows us to enjoy it anywhere, and transport it more easily than a larger shisha.Let’s say we want to go to a pool in summer and smoke water pipe. Thanks to the Oduman N2 Travel, or also known as “mini”, we will have a magnificent cachimba in which we can have all the accessories organized, and its glass base protected thanks to the transport case that it includes.Todos los beneficios de la N2 Travel en la versión Mini de OdumanAnother of the greatest benefits that the Oduman brand brings in all its cachimbas are the high quality materials it uses, and that in the case of the N2 Travel, coincide with those used in its older sister, the N2. Stainless steel, high quality silicone for the hose, and a crystal of the highest quality and with extraordinary resistance, make it possible to enjoy the same quality and a more than good shot, in a small pot, as with any of the shishas of the Oduman brand.

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