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Knowledge is Power - Be Smart About Your 2021 Job Search

It is important to start thinking now about your career moves for 2021. Since impulse decisions in your career almost never work out exactly how you expected, think ahead to get ahead. You will want to begin soul-searching today. What are you thinking you want to do at this point in your life? Are you gearing up or down, just getting started, wanting to advance to the next level or completely changing your career direction? Are you making the money you want to make? Where are you in your life? Now is the time to begin to ponder these questions. After you find yourself in terms of your career, next it is time for research.

Basic Research

Start researching the industries and companies you are thinking about. Use to research the company and to see the long-term direction that industry is heading. Suppose you always wanted to work with Coca Cola Company, well this is a great time to start researching the industry and, more specifically, the company of most interest – in this example Coca Cola Company. Look up how they have been doing year after year – financially and in terms of growth. Order an annual report. It will really allow you to better understand the company you think may be a good match for your background. You’ll be surprised at how much you will find out.

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Polish your old resume

Add your new accomplishments to your resume. Update your resume by adding any promotions you’ve had. Make sure your resume is less duties and more accomplishments. This will make you feel more confident when you go into an interview and allow you to show prospective employers what you’ve been successful with in the past. Your resume should be reviewed to ensure there are not any grammatical or spelling errors or omissions. Once you’ve reviewed your resume for typos, make sure your resume makes you stand out from others. This means your resume lists, not only your responsibilities but also how you completed those responsibilities better than others in the same position. If your resume reflects this results-driven resume, your background and experience are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Informational Interviews

Knowledge is Power - Be Smart About Your 2021 Job Search
Knowledge is Power – Be Smart About Your 2021 Job Search

Set up an informational interview with people in the industry to see what you need to do to get into the market. An informational interview is NOT an interview to get a job but to learn more about a company, industry, or specific position. You find a company that interests you and its competitors. Then you set up an informational interview. An informational interview will allow you to sit down with someone within the company that will provide the tools you need to land a position in the industry that is of most interest. In an informational interview, you need to have a list of questions for the “interviewer”. Be prepared. Don’t seem thrown off. Seem very together and personable. Try to create a bond with the person you speak with. They may be the ones calling you for an interview at a later date.

Now that you are armed with information, it will be easy to select the companies you are interested in and actively pursue them. Handling a career move with this knowledge will allow you to accept a job that will really be a true match. You will know what you are getting into and be happy about it. Now maintain this throughout the entire interviewing process. Stay ahead by knowing as much as you can each step of the way.

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