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Betaversion 1.1 available for WordPress – August 18


* Fixed comment count index page, thank you Min6
* Added  IP based detection of trollers, thank you Sarge

Cave Your Trolls for WordPress plugin
Author: Joost de Valk, based on an idea by Henk van Ess from

For more info:

1. Installation
2. The template tag
3. How it works

1. Installation
Upload caveyourtrolls.php to the plugins folder of your WordPress and activate it in your WordPress admin panel. After that,
add the template tag to your comments template.

In the default theme, you’ll find this on line 36:
<?php edit_comment_link(‘edit’,’&nbsp;&nbsp;’,”); ?>

Change that to:
<?php edit_comment_link(‘edit’,’&nbsp;&nbsp;’,”); troll_comment_link(‘&nbsp;&nbsp;’,”); ?>

and you’ll have another link next to edit, when you’re logged in, in the comments section.

2. The template tag
troll_comment_link(‘ <code to insert before the link> ‘,’ <code to insert after the link> ‘);

3. How it works
When you click the “Cave Troll” button that you added by adding the template tag, the “karma” of that comment is set to -100.
Based on that value, the plugin ensures that only the original poster of the comment and admins that are logged in will see
this comment, and no-one else.

The plugin determines if the original poster is looking at the comments by checking his cookie, in which his e-mail address is

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