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If you’ve been playing basketball for any length of time, then you understand the wear and tear that you deal with throughout a game. The game is played on a hard surface, with contact between players and the ground, so the damage that is done to your body is primarily due to your actions.

You have to make two decisions regarding your basketball playing, whether to be a student of the game or a player in the game. I have found, however, that there are some things that I can do while I am playing, to help minimize the wear and tear on my body that is associated with basketball.

While you are playing, be aware of where you are at all times on the basketball court. According to the Sports Company, before the game starts, be sure to have an idea of where you are positioned concerning the basket. Being able to map out a route that will best accommodate you mentally is critical for your safety.

If you are hit with foul trouble, don’t stop playing. During foul trouble, a foul is called to force a foul on your opponent. There is no set amount of time before the next offensive, so keep going if you have been tagged with foul trouble.

There is an automatic two-point shot by the defense for a defensive possession. If you are in foul trouble, make sure to call for a defensive property during this time. If you don’t, then the opposing team will shoot a free throw, and you will not get credit for one point.

If you are dribbling the ball, make sure to keep your head up and see the whole court. As you make contact with the ground, it is possible to bounce the ball off the ground or near your knee. If you continue to dribble the ball, this action could end up being a knee injury, which is only the beginning of your troubles.

If you feel yourself losing a defensive possession, do not let it linger, but quickly set up another one by being aggressive defense. Be aware of your opponents, and find their weaknesses, and be prepared to take advantage of it.

Young man, when you are in a game, or an arena, always look for the ref to signal a foul or a contact foul, and immediately turn and move on. Keep your game clean, without letting foul trouble to get you into trouble.

If you get injured during a game, try and get up and walk off the court as soon as possible. When you are injured, don’t be concerned about the pain, because you should be concerned about getting you back onto the court and getting the play restarted. There is no use delaying the game when you are in serious foul trouble.

When a team is in serious foul trouble, everyone on the team has to stay focused on the game. If someone in the team becomes distracted, the whole team is affected. Each player must have a clear goal and focus on his team’s common goals.

If your opponent hits you with a foul, it doesn’t mean you have lost the game, you still have a chance to win and make sure you don’t relax when you are in foul trouble. Stay dedicated and stay determined to win.

With a little bit of information, you can learn how to deal with foul trouble on the basketball court. With some focus, and a solid work ethic, you can be in foul trouble, but then recover quickly and continue to enjoy a basketball game.

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