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party committee is the legal entity that by virtue of applicable laws is considered part of the formal organization structure of a party and is directly responsible for all day-to-day operation of that party in the provincial level, with any other entity established, funded and managed by the party. This committee can be made up of members of that party who are in leadership roles such as leaders, delegates to convention, elected members or managers, party members, etc., or can be composed of volunteers and other special interest groups.


The major purpose of this committee is to plan, manage and organize the activities of the party, in terms of meetings, demonstrations, conventions, conferences, trade fairs, demonstrations, rallies, meetings and events, etc. In order for such a committee to meet its goal and objectives it needs a strategic planning program, effective leadership, a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the party, and people who have commitment, discipline, and the ability to meet and work with their fellow party members and other organizations and institutions involved in the party.

Party members and staff can be either paid or volunteer workers; both types are equally valuable and essential. The paid party worker has many advantages and can give the party a head start in the competitive field. But, the paid worker will be less flexible and unable to adjust as rapidly as the volunteer worker, but both have their value in the development of party affairs.

There are many parties that are run by volunteers, but some of them are so well managed and organized that there would almost be no need for a paid staff to take over again when needed. It is up to the volunteer to set the direction of his or her party, but it will be up to the paid staff to keep things running smoothly and on schedule.

It is not necessary to hire party organizers, party coordinators, party managers or party fund raisers, but some parties are in such demand that they find it difficult to hire enough of these individuals to run the party effectively, especially if there are multiple branches of a party operating in different parts of the province or country. In some cases, a party can become quite large and require separate finance department to cover all the different needs of each branch, but the larger the party, the more likely it will become financially taxing. and harder for each of these individuals to manage the party.

When deciding on a committee’s budget, it is important for each of its members and officers to have a realistic idea about what kind of expenses are to be incurred to conduct the party. This way in which this party will run, such as how many members will be needed to run the party, what kind of staff will be needed, the size of events, and the cost of the office, to name just a few.

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