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How to Choose the Best Wedding DJ

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When planning a wedding, choosing your own wedding dj can be a difficult task. So many people are enticed to hire the first DJ that walks into their wedding reception, but this often leads to disaster and a very disappointed couple.

So, what should you do when you’ve exhausted every one of the wedding DJ possibilities and still are not satisfied? This is where it all comes down to common sense and knowing what is good for you and your wedding party.

Before you hire a wedding DJ, make sure you ask the following questions. Do they have a good enough reputation to gain their trust and confidence? Does the DJ have the right kind of experience in running a party and setting up sound equipment?

Ask how long he has been DJing parties? How many weddings have they played for and what is the average amount of money he charges? What are the other DJs opinions about this DJ?

Good DJs have no problem taking requests from the guests at a wedding reception. But as you may expect, the more guests that request a DJ at your wedding, the better it will sound! And if the DJ does have plenty of experience playing the type of wedding you want, they will not shy away from the challenge!

Ask the DJ if they have a special package that they offer to their clients that allows them to play all the wedding songs without charging extra. This can help you save quite a bit of money on your budget. As well, having a professional DJ to play some of your most cherished songs will help to make your wedding a real celebration of love and romance.

You need to also ask whether the DJ you choose will be using the same music at your wedding and have your wedding party dance along with them. If you can afford to hire your own music and dance with your party, you will feel more relaxed about the way the party is progressing.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a DJ is to choose someone who will give you honest feedback. You want a DJ who knows what works and what doesn’t, so make sure they have lots of experience in this area.

You might also find that the best DJ is the one that understands what makes a good party. The best DJs are the ones who know exactly what the bride and groom want to hear in their wedding songs and are willing to work around these demands. It’s a given that every couple is different and will want to hear certain types of music at their wedding.

Make sure the DJ has a list of songs that the bride and groom have requested that they want to hear at their wedding reception. If you have a lot of requests, the DJ can work with you to find a combination of music that will cover all of the bases. This will help ensure that you and the rest of your wedding party enjoy a good night.

When interviewing any DJ, ask how they pay for their service and if there is a deposit. If the DJ doesn’t have a deposit, you may want to look elsewhere. There is nothing worse than finding a good DJ and having him or her tell you they don’t have one.

Make sure that the DJ understands the importance of taking the time to listen to what you and your friends and family are asking for. Some DJs are not the type to go out of their way to listen and are only in business to make money. But if you can find a DJ that is genuinely interested in helping, you are likely to have a great experience.

The last thing you should look for in a wedding DJ is to make sure that they are a team player. Don’t expect them to make suggestions unless they are asked for. And make sure they keep you informed throughout the entire booking process so that the whole event runs smoothly. A DJ should take care of everything from setup to finishing and take good care of you and your guests.

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