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purple drank lean

Purple drank, also known as lean, is a popular recreational drug drink, made by mixing cough syrup with hard candy and a drink. It was developed in Houston, TX, and is extremely popular among the hip-hop community or those that live in the south, such as the south of America. This drink is said to be sold in large quantities, with people visiting clubs to get the full experience. Many people claim that it is one of the most addictive substances on the market today.

There have been many reports of its use by teens and adults, and many users have complained about the feeling of euphoria and depression that accompanies the use of this drink. However, there are also those who are completely satisfied with its effects.

While many claim that the taste of lean is like hard candy, it is said to be sweet. Although, there are others who say that the taste is much more bitter than normal. One thing is for sure though, people who try this substance will tell you that it can give them a feeling of euphoria, which makes it extremely popular among people who have problems with their appetite.

The use of purple drank lean is not illegal, although it is not recommended to teenagers or individuals who are taking medication. This drink has been banned in some countries, although there are many who claim that they are using it for therapeutic purposes. Some people claim that the combination of the drug and sugar helps to lower the heart rate, which is a common factor when someone is suffering from hypertension.

Because of the popularity of purple drank, some bars and restaurants have taken it upon themselves to serve it. However, while there are still others who do not want to serve this drink, as they believe that it is too addictive, some places may not be aware of the potential for addiction, but will serve it anyway.

Some of the more popular restaurants who serve lean include the Hard Rock Cafe, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Denny’s. These establishments are just a few of the places where you can buy this drink. However, it is always important to check with your local restaurant before you make any kind of purchase.

Even though there are many claims of how this purple drank can cause addiction, it has no real effect on a person who is already addicted. It is highly addictive because it has the ability to give a person an immediate euphoric feeling that leads to the user to feel the need for more of it.

Those who have never tried purple drank, but want to try it, should take a look at some of the stories of other people who have tried it to see if this is a good substance to try. before making a decision. Most of these stories will give people the same feeling that a person who is trying this drink would have.

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