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FIFA 20 Pc Game REVIEW Say you’ve lived a life in which you’ve only ever seen football played through FIFA’s lens, before watching Match of the Day on a tragic Saturday night on a telly. You should question yourself what this is, sweating and wide-eyed. Goals scored from both counterattacks and situations? Good long balls? Teams pulling on part of the opposition? It would be like eavesdropping from some crazy alien world over on a show. And it’d suck the fun out of your next FIFA game.

The question isn’t that like so many of its contemporaries, FIFA 20 doesn’t look much like a real football game. That’s a necessary evil in cramming 90 minutes of the real game into a 10 minute digestible gamepad you can manipulate. The concern is that the quasi-football at FIFA 20 is actually not very fun.


Nevertheless, EA Vancouver will definitely not be suspected of carrying out the same company year on year. In this year’s game there are substantial new bits of material, Volta Football being the headline act on a bill involving new House Rules for FUT and friendly tournaments, reworked set-pieces and a defending update. And once again it’s all packed into one of the slickest delivery bundles in the format, almost like-for-like visually and audibly with a Sky Sports show on the pitch, and pouring in every menu screen with pleasing accuracy in .

You should play the sort of meat-and-potatoes pass and fire football that Sean Dyche would have stoically nodded here if you wish, but these 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 games really are about talent and self-expression: keep all levers down on a pad and the team can auto-skill their way around like a 17-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, all lowered shoulders and cocky hands. Some correct analog stick movements you’ve dedicated to muscle memory are extremely useful here, and the shot path regulation is completely manual in smaller pitches with fewer players, so you can take real pride in the (rare) ones that go in. The tale will not hold anybody awake with its turns at night, nor will anyone be persuaded that this is how human beings behave

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