Eh, hasn’t this done before?

Global Ignore or a Tachy Goes to Coventry in vBulletin is nice. But it has no IP-check after the troll logs out. Besides ‘that, ‘Cave Your Trolls’ is the first attempt from serious programmers to make a plug-in/extension/add on for all major hosted blog software and forum software. That’s ambitious, so it will take some time.

You claim that the problem of trolls will be gone? Impossible.

Yes.  There will be utter world peace with Cave Your Trolls.

Are you kidding?

I want you to use your own brains, not mine. Read on.

Is this really serious?

Oh yes, it is. I headed internet news desks for years and dealt with thousands of trolls.  I think my approach to kill the most obnoxious trolls was not always wise (those who disrupt a forum, not those who provocate). The bad ones will come back after a ban. They just use another account.

Trolls live on attention. So why not give them what they need? Feed their hunger: don’t block their postings. Accept them. But don’t show the postings to the public.

I am a troll, what now?

The thing is, even you can be a troll. You lead a perfectly normal life, but after your car is hit by a 106-year old driver, even you can post a message on Seniors Network Community Pages with the title ‘Why I Hate Old People’.  Don’t worry: it’s not a plug-in to censor normal people who have a bad day. Cave Your Trolls is aimed at trolls who are gone berzerk.

The concept?

Normally, you are banned or blocked by IP. With Cave Your Trolls you can release you’re anger without hurting the feelings of others.  And your message won’t be indexed by search engines.

It won’t work because (fill in your reason here)

Cave Your Trolls plug-ins are made by smart people like you. They know about the clever tricks that trolls use. The plug-ins will be constantly updated. And yes, there will always be trolls. We say: don’t use violence against them, but use velvet gloves. Hey, it works, so who cares that in theory it shouldn’t work that well?

So it’s a plug-in that stops all trolls?

Come on. That can’t be done. Wicked people will do what they can to disrupt your forum. But hey, let’s stop a few. The first tests are promising: the number of really bad trolls went down with 75%.

I represent a media company. I want an CMS-integrated plug in. Now!

Call +1 (225) 341-7595 (US) or +31 (0)33 454 66 88 (Netherlands)

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