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Epson Corporation or just Epson is the association of a Japanese device moreover an overall trendsetter in the printer business. They have this new thing which was impelled in the no so distant past that remembers an All-for One Ink Tank System. The Epson L565 is the world’s first ink tank structure printer with remote accessibility, modified file feeder, and direct fax work.

The L565 is flawless office gear since it incorporates negligible exertion printing, sifting, repeating, and faxing with Wi-Fi and Ethernet work. Insignificant exertion printing since it uses high-limit ink tanks with Micro Piezo advancement and ISO print paces of up to 9.2ppm that assist produce with fixing indent printouts.


The Epson L565 is no one of those little sort printers, anyway since its multi-work no matter how you look at it printer, you are truly saving more space in your office. It measures about 48.4cm x 22.6cm x 37.7cm about a comparative segment of a customary negligible copier and weighs 6.2kg figuratively speaking.

For plan, in case you’ve used an Epson printer and you have, you will know how this printer looks like. It has the identical Epson signature look toward appearance with a blend of matte and glossy fulfillment.

At the front, it has a 2.2-inch LCD screen and limits gets which grants you to successfully set-up the printer and can be used for movement even without a PC. Coming up next is the collapsible paper plate that can be extended when required and which is adequate with the objective that the printed papers won’t fly-out.

While at the back is the spot the paper dealing with a plate that can hold up to 100 bits of paper and the relationship for the LAN and telephone port. The USB port for the wired affiliation is at the left side while the right side is the ink tank compartments. For the smoothly printing you have to use Only Epson Diver. If you, not the right driver then it will not work properly.


Setting up the Epson L565 is truly straightforward, you just need to get it out of the holder and put it where it should be. It goes with all that you need to like the power connector, UBS interface, driver CD, User Manual, and Warry Card.

We do endorse to download the latest printer driver on the official Epson webpage so you can get new features and limits, you can download it here. Be that as it may, if you are using the latest Windows 10, it will normally present the latest driver for you.

The printer can be related through USB, LAN and WiFi planning this isn’t too much befuddling, using it over WiFi is also straightforward basically related the printer to a comparative framework in your office and once done, it will be observable in your framework once you look for another printer, you can even print from your iPhone and Android phones that help remote printing.


Engraving on Epson L565 is straight forward, it has one of the most insignificant costs per page of 7,500 pages concealing print yield. To get the best print-out essentially guarantee you use the right paper like a substance 20 sort of paper.

The L565 is fit for printing max draft content using A4 paper at 33 pages for every second for dim and 15ppm for shaded reports. Printing dim or records is speedy, while the printing tones with the best print quality require some venture and a huge amount of ink. So it’s optimal to just use the default settings.

One of the weights of having a printer is the cost of inks. Regardless, with the introduction printer with fused ink tanks at present, it’s undeniably moderate and easier to just finish off the tank. With Epson L565 it offers an ultra simplicity for each page for both dim and concealing printing. It goes with four concealing Epson ink bottles (cyan, yellow, red, dim), with two extra dim ink bottles included, and every compartment of 70ml costs Php 295 specifically.

The L565 also goes with a one year or 30,000-page producers ensure


The Epson L565 Ink Tank System is an ideal printer for little and medium business since with this printer you get extended lengths of advancement from Epson that no ifs, and or buts you will get the best yield. It has a scanner, copier, and even fax so it’s an uncommon no matter how you look at it office equipment. The system is also abundant with this printer, you can even print using your phone by methods for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.


Uncommon Office gear with multi-work feature

Moderate cost of printing

The reasonable expense of ink per bottle

First-class Print-outs


Epson application could be improved

No quick WiFi print support

No prompt USB print support

The Epson L565 Ink Tank System is by and by available on all Epson endorsed merchants and accessories the nation over with a retail cost of Php13995.

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