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For the most recent year, the Longform group has been chipping away at an amendment to our iOS application, which without refreshes had gotten very surrey and dated.

After our chivalrous designer proceeded onward to greener fields, we recruited a gifted youthful developer, hurled the codebase, and assembled a streamlined 3.0 form without any preparation that ran delightfully on iOS and Android (thanks, for Bagas31 here). The application went to beta not long ago and analyzers cherished it.

At the point when we submitted to the App Store for survey, we accepted it was an obvious choice—the Longform App has been accessible on iOS since 2012 and this assemble contained no usefulness that hadn’t showed up in past adaptations.

Apple dismissed the application.


The application commentator illuminated three changes we could make to be affirmed. We were torn. Two of the progressions were completely unimaginable, and the third would require gigantic measures of continuous engineer work while giving a more regrettable encounter to clients.

After some freeloaded discussions, we reasoned that we basically don’t have the opportunity, cash, or individual hubris to keep supporting the Longform application. For a long time, we’ve figured out how to keep the application utilitarian through a mix of favors, steeply limited provisional labor, gifts from our supporters, motivated understudies, and blind luckiness. Our group is little and we were at that point extended slight.

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