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Nomi’s mission is to offer as simple a service as possible, enabling its users – mainly entrepreneurs and self-employed workers – to manage their finances more effectively, save time and increase the chances of success of their businesses. And it does so both by helping them to streamline tasks such as manually entering information into expense sheets, and by eliminating the technical language and complex calculations that characterize tax and insurance management.

Nomi’s business model has been designed to meet the specific needs of self-employed professionals and family businesses with all kinds of profiles: from consultants or music producers and photographers to actors, or sellers of Antiques.

The company offers an all-in-one account integrated into a MasterCard for professionals that allows them to check the details of all their movements in an agile and comfortable way. In addition, Nomi’ offers its users a complete range of operational tools that allows them – from the same application, in a totally digital and paperless way – to set up their accounts, take photos of their receipts, send invoices and classify their accounting expenses. In addition, it provides aggregated information to help them have a real-time, global view of the running of their businesses.

“We want to help all entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in the UK. They are the backbone of the economy”

Nomi’s goal is to actively support as many of these SMEs as possible. Beyond being a mere payment service provider, fin-tech wants to be a true ally for freelancers,offering them long-term support and allowing them to focus on the really important aspects of their businesses.

In this way, Nomi is able to advise small entrepreneurs on all aspects related to the management of their company,from the necessary steps to set up a business, to tips to grow, manage accounting or hire the best professionals for their team.

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