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Cricket Match

Cricket Matches – Learn About It

Cricket matches can be an exhilarating experience for fans who are looking to relive some of their favorite moments or just want to relive the thrill of watching a match on television. Some fans may even like to do it professionally; however, there are certain aspects and techniques that they should always bear in mind before engaging in such activities.

Cricket is really a two-handed bat and ball game played between two competing teams of eleven on a specially made field in the middle of which there is an 18-yard cricket pitch with at least a wicket in each end comprising of two bails stacked on three stumps each, all with a diameter of three inches. When the ball has been pitched and rolled in to the field, it is hit off the surface by a batsman. There are several different types of batting methods used to hit the ball. For instance, a full-time player takes the field at almost all times while a part-timer only comes out to bat when there is a break in play, a specialist batsman, usually a bowler, is also included in this group of batters. However, batsmen have to stand up when bowling; bowlers stand down when bowling.

As mentioned earlier, cricket is played on a pitch covered with a green-colored turf or artificial turf. This turf contains small pockets or divots in it which allow the ball to roll freely without creating any kind of obstruction to it. The green-colored turf can be hard to distinguish from the natural grass or dirt, and the cricket match can get messy due to the crowding that occurs when many people are playing. In addition to this, one needs to be careful when using the field as it is a dangerous game. Many of the players may be walking on broken or crumbling tiles. It is important to watch the ground carefully when playing in it as any movement of players, balls or spectators can cause serious damage to the surface.

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