The Story

The usual solution

Moderators kill, mutilate or captivate the troll (disputed page).

Another approach

Give trolls what they need the most: attention. Don’t kill trolls, but feed them. Yes! Feed them with attention.

How does it work?

When an angry troll enters a forum, he can’t believe his eyes.  His posting is accepted.

That’s sneaky!

Only you and I know that the troll is the only person who can see the improper posting. Other forum users can’t see the troll at all. The troll sits in its cave and feels proud. Good for him. And you. Your discussions stay clean.

What will it cost?

Nothing for non-commercial use.  But please feel free to donate if you like the plug-ins.

You censor people!

Cave your Trolls is not for the occasional teaser but for trolls who gone berzerk.

Who are you?

My name is Henk van Ess, the guy who was Slashdotted because of this. I am an investigative reporter and internet trainer (universities and radio/tv/newspapers in Europe) and I run (on the blogroll, not payroll of Google) and Cave Your Trolls is a pet project: I evangelise the moderation concept in the slipstream of my activities, others do the hard work.

Why now?

I pitched the idea to some friends, mostly programmers a few weeks ago. One of them was Ben Hammersley. He inspired me to pursue this after a successful implementation of the idea at the Daily Mirror. vBulletin has something similar with Global Ignore, but when a troll logs out, he will get suspicious because his postings are suddenly gone. My wish is that Cave Your Trolls will be available for all major blog software and forum software at the end of this year.

The real heroes

I pitched the idea on Dutch radio on August 14, 2007. One day later:

Joost de Valk, programmed the first WordPress plugin in 24 hrs.

………   (your name)

I want to download

You will go for a beta plug-in then? Ok , download it. It’s for WordPress.

Can I use it too?

Cave Your Trolls is a plug-in for bulletin boards, forum software and content managements systems. Mail me to tell me which system you like to have a plug-in.

So where is the working product?

Reprint SPITS!
Reprint SPITS!

Dutch media reported about Cave Your Trolls before its launch. The WordPress plug-in will be out soon. Beta available

Can I post a response to your initiative?

Just enter the SMF-board.

I love your idea. I Want That Plug In! Now!

Just click Contact. Perhaps we can do a pilot with your trolls .

I hate your idea. You censor the web.

If people mess up your room and break all the furniture, you’ll need a better lock.

I want to participate

Let’s have Cave Your Trolls out in as many flavors like SMF, WordPress  done Escenic and other CMS’s. If you want to help us with that, just contact me.

Why does this site look like it has been made with Frontpage?

Just wanted to have something up and running to answer some of the questions and let you have a look at what others say (see News and Press).

So why again?

Communities on the web allow users to respond to articles and postings. That’s good.

There are really bad trolls out there don’t like to poison discussions, but want to kill anyone. That’s bad. For them is Cave Your Tolls.